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Introduction to Madden NFL 2004

Madden NFL 2004 is a classic entry in the long-running Madden NFL series, celebrated for its robust gameplay, innovative features, and immersive experience.

Madden NFL 2004 Overview

Released in August 2003 by EA Sports, Madden NFL 2004 quickly became a fan favorite, thanks to its enhanced gameplay mechanics, realistic graphics, and the introduction of new features like the Playmaker Control and Owner Mode. With its engaging career mode and deep franchise management options, it offers players a comprehensive NFL experience.

Key Features of Madden NFL 2004

  • Playmaker Control: This feature allows players to modify plays on the fly, giving greater control over the offense and defense.
  • Owner Mode: Manage every aspect of your team, from stadium upgrades to ticket prices, providing a deep and immersive management experience.
  • Franchise Mode: Control your favorite team over multiple seasons, dealing with player trades, drafts, and more.
  • Enhanced Graphics and Sound: Realistic player animations and authentic stadium sounds bring the game to life.

How to Play Madden NFL 2004

Game Modes

  • Exhibition: Play a single game against the AI or a friend.
  • Season: Lead your team through a complete NFL season, aiming for the Super Bowl.
  • Franchise: Take control of a team for multiple seasons, dealing with all the intricacies of team management.
  • Owner Mode: An extension of Franchise Mode where you handle the financial and managerial aspects of your team.

Basic Gameplay Tips


  • Running the Ball: Use a mix of power runs and finesse moves to outmaneuver defenders.
  • Passing: Utilize the Playmaker Control to adjust your receivers’ routes on the fly for better coverage.
  • Play Action: Keep defenses guessing by mixing in play-action passes to exploit their aggression.


  • Defensive Line: Control the line of scrimmage by switching between linemen to get past the offensive line.
  • Linebackers and Secondary: Use Playmaker Control to adjust coverages and blitz packages based on the offense’s formation.
  • Tackling: Make sure to use precise tackling to prevent big plays.

Game Controls


  • Movement: Arrow Keys
  • Snap Ball: Enter
  • Select Player: Tab
  • Speed Burst: Shift
  • Juke Left/Right: A/D
  • Spin: S
  • Hurdle: W
  • Dive: Space
  • Stiff Arm: E
  • Passing: Number Keys (1-5) correspond to different receivers
  • Playmaker Control: Hold Shift + Arrow Keys


  • Movement: Arrow Keys
  • Switch Player: Tab
  • Speed Burst: Shift
  • Dive/Swat Ball: Space
  • Spin Move: S
  • Jump: W
  • Strip Ball: E
  • Playmaker Control: Hold Shift + Arrow Keys
  • Blitz: A/D for left/right blitzing

Special Teams

  • Kick Meter: Arrow Keys to aim, Enter to start/stop the meter
  • Fake Snap: Space
  • Punt/Kick Power: Hold Shift
  • Punt/Kick Accuracy: Use Arrow Keys for fine adjustments


Madden NFL 2004 remains a beloved installment in the Madden franchise, thanks to its innovative features and deep gameplay mechanics. Whether you're managing a franchise, calling plays on the fly with Playmaker Control, or simply enjoying a single game in Exhibition mode, Madden NFL 2004 offers a rich and rewarding experience for football fans.

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