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Sports Heads : Football Championship 2014: 2015

Sports Heads : Football Championship 2014: 2015

Introduction to Sports Heads: Football Championship 2014-2015

Sports Heads: Football Championship 2014-2015 is a thrilling online flash game that puts you in control of pint-sized football players battling it out on the pitch. With its simple yet addictive gameplay, charming graphics, and competitive multiplayer mode, it's no wonder this game has captured the hearts of football fans worldwide.

Game Objective

The objective of Sports Heads: Football Championship 2014-2015 is straightforward: outscore your opponent by getting the ball into their goal while preventing them from doing the same to you. Matches are fast-paced and filled with action, requiring quick reflexes and strategic thinking to emerge victorious.

How to Play Sports Heads: Football Championship 2014-2015

Game Controls

Mastering the controls is key to success in Sports Heads: Football Championship 2014-2015.

Player 1:

  • Move Left: Left arrow key
  • Move Right: Right arrow key
  • Jump: Up arrow key
  • Swing: Spacebar

Player 2:

  • Move Left: A key
  • Move Right: D key
  • Jump: W key
  • Swing: Shift key

Gameplay Tips and Strategies

  • Timing is Everything: Learn to anticipate the trajectory of the ball and time your jumps and swings accordingly. Mastering the timing will give you an edge over your opponent.
  • Utilize Power-Ups: Keep an eye out for power-ups that appear randomly on the field. These can give you temporary boosts such as increased speed, larger heads, or even freeze your opponent temporarily.
  • Defensive Maneuvers: Don't neglect defense! Position your player strategically to intercept incoming balls and block your opponent's shots.
  • Exploit Weaknesses: Pay attention to your opponent's playing style and exploit any weaknesses you observe. To get the advantage, modify your plan as necessary.
  • It takes practice to become flawless, just as in any sport. Spend time honing your skills in single-player mode before venturing into multiplayer matches.


Sports Heads: Football Championship 2014-2015 offers a thrilling and addictive gaming experience for football enthusiasts of all ages. By mastering the controls, employing strategic tactics, and honing your skills, you'll be well on your way to becoming a champion on the virtual pitch.

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