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Introducing the Euro 2012 Game

The Euro 2012 game, based on the UEFA European Championship held in 2012, offers an immersive football experience for fans of the sport. This game captures the excitement and intensity of the tournament, allowing players to relive their favorite moments and create new ones.

Overview of the Euro 2012 Game

Euro 2012 is an expansion of FIFA 12, developed by EA Sports. It features all 53 UEFA member national teams, eight official stadiums from the tournament, and the official tournament structure. Players can engage in various modes, including the official Euro 2012 tournament, Expedition mode, and online challenges. The game is designed to provide an authentic and thrilling football experience, complete with realistic graphics and smooth gameplay.

Game Modes

Euro 2012 Tournament

In this mode, players can choose their favorite national team and compete in the official Euro 2012 tournament.

Expedition Mode

Expedition mode offers a unique experience where players create their teams and travel across Europe, challenging other national teams.

Online Challenges

For those looking to test their skills against real opponents, online challenges offer a competitive platform

Gameplay Mechanics

Euro 2012 retains the core gameplay mechanics of FIFA 12, with enhancements to reflect the tournament's style and atmosphere. Here are some key aspects to master:

Passing and Dribbling

To keep possession of the ball and create scoring opportunities, passing is essential. Use short passes for close control and long passes to switch play. You can get around defenders and maneuver through confined locations by dribbling.

Shooting and Finishing

Effective shooting techniques include finesse shots, power shots, and volleys. Positioning and timing are essential for converting chances into goals.


A strong defense is a team's essential component. Use standing tackles, sliding tackles, and interceptions to regain possession.

Set Pieces

Set pieces, such as corners and free kicks, are critical scoring opportunities.

How to Play Euro 2012

Game Controls 

Basic Controls


  • W: Player runs forward
  • S: Player moves backward
  • A: Player moves left
  • D: Player moves right

Offensive Controls

  • Pass: Press S to pass the ball to a teammate.
  • Through Ball: Press W for a through ball.
  • Cross: Press A to cross the ball into the box.
  • Shoot: Press D to shoot towards the goal.
  • Sprint: Hold Shift to Sprint.
  • Skill Moves: Use the NumPad keys for various skill moves.

Defensive Controls

  • Switch Player: Press S to switch to the closest player.
  • Tackle Press D to perform a standing tackle.
  • Slide Tackle: Press A for a slide tackle.
  • Contain: Hold Shift to contain the opposing player.
  • Goalkeeper Charge: Hold W to bring the goalkeeper out.

Advanced Controls

  • Manual Passing: Use the Right Mouse Button to direct manual passes.
  • Finesse Shot: Hold Shift and press D for a finesse shot.
  • Lob Pass: Press Q for a lob pass.

Additional Tips

  • Practice Mode: Utilize the practice mode to refine your skills in a pressure-free environment.
  • Custom Tactics: Customize your team's tactics to suit your playing style, whether it's aggressive attacking or solid defending.
  • Player Roles: Assign specific roles to players based on their strengths, such as free kick taker, corner taker, and captain.


Euro 2012 offers a rich and engaging football experience that faithfully captures the spirit of the UEFA European Championship. Whether you're playing solo or competing online, the game provides endless excitement and challenges for football enthusiasts.

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